Module 1 A - Non-Judgmental trading - Week 1- Week 4

38 Topics and Continuous assessment tests.

By week 4 the student should successfully be able to:

  1. Open a trading account with a reputable broker that we recommend Execute trades from a real/ live trading account.
  2. implement money management rules.
  3. Pick trade setups with ease.
  4. Complete all assessment tests.
  5. Mastered their first trading methodology/strategy.


Module 1B – Natural Order of markets Week 5 – Week 8

20 Topics and Continuous assessment tests

By week 8 the student will have:

  1. Mastered  two trading methodologies / strategies .
  2. Successfully be able to execute trades from a real/ live trading account, with both strategies.
  3. Implement money management rules;
  4. Pick trade setups with ease.
  5. With the tools we provide the trader will be able to customize or create their own Judgmental trading strategy.
  6. Completed all assessment tests.